New Carla McRae mural on Greville Street celebrates spring

Press Release | 12 October 2017


The Chapel Street end of Greville Street has come to life with a new and vibrant mural by Melbourne-based artist, Carla McRae. The mural is an eye-catching addition to one of Prahran’s most charming shopping and dining strips, that promotes spring fashion in Stonnington. 

The City of Stonnington Mayor, Cr Jami Klisaris said, “We have some fantastic displays of public art in Stonnington and Carla’s work is the perfect fit for the vibrancy of Greville Street. Council loves to support young talent like Carla, and this beautiful work helps us celebrate the new season.”

Carla drew inspiration from the refreshing and restorative feelings of spring – blossoms, new leaves, warm sun and floral scents. The result is a piece showing large blooms, flower-clad figures and swirls of colour featuring pops of red, pink, yellow and blue.

“Painting for spring fashion felt like a really nice opportunity to create a bright, positive and energetic space. It’s an honour to create work for the public, and add to the story and vibrancy of the area, even for a temporary moment in time.” says Carla.

For Carla, Prahran is home to some of her favourite spots in Stonnington.

“I love coffee from Pardon, homewares and design treats from Lunar Store and I definitely like to duck in to see my mates at Signed & Numbered and Enough Space to ogle some good art!” she said.

What: Carla McRae mural in Prahran

When: Now until early December

Where: The Chapel Street end of Greville Street

Cost: Free 

Artist Profile:

Carla grew up in the Sunshine Coast where she studied graphic design and communication. After graduation she relocated to Melbourne and has last year moved into freelance full-time illustration. Carla has been featured in Design Files and Frankie Magazine and is the designer for Australian sock company, Odd Pears. She has also collaborated with local brand, Bared Footwear allowing her art to merge with fashion.

Carla’s work often depicts open narratives and stories about characters and their worlds. Her characters are strong and independent and explore the spaces they occupy, or they can be seen enjoying the beauty of the simple things in life.