Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park confirmed as site for future sport and recreation facility

Press Release | 30 October 2017


City of Stonnington Council confirmed Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park in Malvern East as the site for a new multipurpose sport and recreation facility incorporating a four-court indoor sports stadium on 30 October 2017.

The development of a Master Plan for Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park will soon commence to plan for indoor courts to be located alongside the Chadstone Bowls Club, Chadstone Tennis Club and other sporting clubs and organisations who use the site.

City of Stonnington Mayor Cr Jami Klisaris said, “A new indoor facility in Stonnington is required to meet the needs of netball and basketball, sports that are especially popular among females. Women and girls deserve modern, safe, welcoming and inclusive facilities and this new facility will provide that”.

“This decision follows a feasibility study which recommended Council develop a multipurpose sport and recreation facility. The independent feasibility incorporated a stadium operations plan, traffic and parking impact assessment, a social impact assessment, consultation with the community and consideration of future options for the Chadstone Bowls Club.

“We recognise the contribution of Chadstone Bowls Club and I am pleased we have found a solution that will benefit a range of sports and users.

“The development of a Master Plan for Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park will be undertaken in partnership with all site users.

“As soon as possible we will begin liaising with the Chadstone Bowls Club, Chadstone Tennis Club, Chadstone Lacrosse Club and East Malvern Tooronga Cricket Club to ensure their requirements are met and they can begin planning for their future.

“The Master Plan will also provide further consultation opportunities for residents through the formation of reference groups, and residents closest to Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park will be informed of these opportunities,” said Cr Klisaris.

The multipurpose sport and recreation facility in Stonnington will be one of Council’s largest-ever investments in sporting infrastructure. At an expected cost of more than $30 million (including upgraded facilities for the current onsite sporting clubs), the stadium will cater for indoor sports, principally netball and basketball, providing a much-needed community asset for local clubs, schools and associations.

The feasibility study is available to view at: