Creating a sustainable Stonnington: a year in review

News | 30 October 2018

Sustainability Snapshot website news2.jpg

The latest Stonnington Sustainability Snapshot has landed – highlighting the many initiatives and programs implemented in 2017-18 to create a cleaner, safer and better environment.

The annual snapshot reports on key achievements and initiatives from the previous 12 months and announces focus areas for the year ahead, in line with our Sustainable Environment Strategy 2018–2023.

The 2017-18 Snapshot shares the significant progress Council, together with the Stonnington community, has made toward creating a more sustainable and resilient city.

Here are our top 10 sustainability highlights from the past year:

  1. reduced our corporate greenhouse gas emissions by 24 per cent since 2005
  2. installed 79kW of additional solar across five Council facilities - Chapel Off Chapel, Como Park Pavilion, Malvern Tennis Centre, Orrong Romanis Recreation Centre and Stonnington Pound
  3. our Making Solar Simple program installed 435kW of solar on 112 Stonnington homes
  4. supported six apartment blocks to adopt our Apartment Composting Program and divert food waste from landfill
  5. our Compost Revolution program delivered 371 compost bins, worm farms and bokashi bins to participating residents
  6. developed a manual for Council staff working on infrastructure projects, to support the delivery of best practice urban forest and stormwater management outcomes
  7. incorporated water sensitive urban design assets into road and footpath reconstruction projects, with a focus on structural soils
  8. planted 42,260 plants and trees across the city
  9. delivered 10 local environmental events, inspiring 1,555 attendees to take action to live more sustainably; and
  10. delivered 120 Sustainable Schools (formerly Green Schools) program sessions to 46 Stonnington schools and early learning centres.

 Download the Sustainability Snapshot 2017-18.


Sustainability Snapshot website news2.jpg