Crew alert to e-waste risk

News | 8 January 2020

Crew alert to e-waste risk.jpg

Quick thinking by our waste collection crew this morning averted a potential disaster after they noticed smoke coming from their garbage truck.

Out on their usual Wednesday round, the crew saw smoke billowing from the back of the truck so immediately returned to the waste transfer station where the load was doused with water. The MFB were advised, and quickly attended to check and confirm the truck's contents were no longer a fire threat.

The prime suspect? A dry-cell battery pack, possibly from a lap-top or similar electronic device.

This is a timely reminder that electronic waste should never been put in with the garbage and should be dropped off in the big purple e-waste eating bin at the Stonnington transfer station.

Help us to keep our waste crews safe by disposing of e-waste correctly.

Not sure what e-waste is?  It’s all electronic goods including batteries and anything with a battery, cord or plug.

Learn more about e-waste and why it’s important to keep it out of landfill.

Crew alert to e-waste risk.jpg