Draft masterplan for Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park

News | 7 February 2019


A draft masterplan has been prepared for Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park guided by community feedback on four concept site options exhibited in November 2018.

The draft masterplan includes developing four indoor sports courts, plus upgraded facilities for the Chadstone Recreation and Civic Club and its sport sections of the Chadstone Bowls Club and Chadstone Tennis Club, as well as seasonal sporting clubs and casual users of the park.

What does the draft masterplan include?

The draft masterplan was guided by community feedback on four concept site options in November 2018. In response to this feedback, the design of the draft masterplan locates the sporting facilities in a position that:

  • creates over 1,000m² of additional publicly accessible open space
  • distributes development evenly across the park
  • places the indoor sports courts away from street interfaces and set into the ground to reduce visual bulk
  • allows for a single level of underground car parking
  • maximises visibility and exposure for sporting clubs and participants
  • retains a social connection between the Chadstone Bowls Club and Chadstone Tennis Club, who will both receive new playing facilities and amenities
  • minimises tree loss, and
  • maintains and improves pedestrian connections throughout the park.

Other park improvements include:

  • more accessible pedestrian pathways and a new loop path
  • a new fitness stations at the southern end of the park
  • improved public seating, and
  • increased bins and dog bag dispensers.

The two sports ovals, playground near Quentin Road and hit-up wall at the southern end of the park will remain where they are.

The draft masterplan also includes a single level underground car park with 216 spaces, enough to service sporting and park users. Council will consult with residents in key streets around Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park to implement appropriate parking restrictions to discourage sporting users from using on street car parking.

The full draft masterplan and associated reports are available:

Draft masterplan report

Engagement report

Greenwood Consulting – Preliminary Arboricultural Assessment

Irwinconsult – Traffic Engineering Report

Trafficworks – Traffic and Parking Assessment Report

Next steps

Council is seeking public comment on the draft masterplan as a final step in the consultation process from Monday 11 February until Sunday 3 March, visit Connect Stonnington to provide comment.

Alternatively, phone 8290 1333 to request a paper version of the draft masterplan and a reply paid envelope.

Comments will be reviewed and a final masterplan will be presented to Council for endorsement. It is expected this will happen in the coming months and, if endorsed, design work will be completed with construction expected to start early next year.

A letter with this information was posted to residents nearby Percy Treyvaud Memorial and is expected to be with people by Friday 9 February.