Car park sets standard for environmental design

News | 29 January 2020

Schematic_Permeable Paving.jpg

Old truck tyres, printer toner and plastic bags have been kept out of landfill and put to good use in a Malvern East car park upgrade.

Currently under construction, the Kingston Street car park bordering Central Park is being upgraded with an innovative permeable asphalt made of recycled tyres, and Reconophalt - a recycled asphalt made from plastic bags and toner from print cartridges.

Stonnington is the first Victorian local government to trial the new permeable asphalt, developed by the University of Melbourne.

Previously a compacted gravel strip, the new look Kingston Street car park will also include eight new street trees that, over time, will provide shade and habitat for local fauna.

Upgrading to the new permeable asphalt means 100 per cent of stormwater runoff will be captured and used to water the trees and adjacent park.

Grant funding from Melbourne Water Living Rivers will go towards the project including twelve month monitoring to measure the project's effectiveness to capture water run-off, divert water to the adjacent trees and park, and reduce the urban heat island effect.

This exciting engineering and environment collaboration project delivers on our commitment to:

  • reduce waste to landfill
  • recover valuable resources
  • conserve and improve water quality entering local waterways
  • grow the urban forest

 Project information

Project Kingston Street car park upgrade and water sensitive urban design
Project start date 29 January 2020
Project finish date March 2020 (expected)
Funding partners  City of Stonnington
Melbourne Water
Hours of work 7am to 5pm (Mon-Fri)
Council contact Abhi Sharma
P: 8290 1391
Out of hours emergency contact P: 8290 1333