Stonnington to further divert waste from landfill

News | 3 September 2019


From March 2020, Stonnington residents will be able to reduce what they send to landfill by adding food waste into their kerbside garden waste bin.

City of Stonnington Mayor, Cr Steve Stefanopoulos, is excited about the opportunity to reduce Stonnington’s environmental footprint.

“Recycling has been in the news lately and we know people in Stonnington want to reduce what they send to landfill, but we need to make it easy to do this.

“Food waste comprises over a third of average household garbage in Stonnington, this program means residents will be able to add that to their existing kerbside garden waste bin.

“Recovering this material reduces what we send to landfill, cuts greenhouse gas emissions and creates nutrient rich compost to help Victorian farmers grow healthy crops.

“This is one of a number of initiatives to help reduce waste going to landfill, complementing programs to encourage composting and worm farming and supporting residents in apartments to recycle food waste onsite.

“We are developing an extensive recycling education campaign to help people decide the best method to reduce waste sent to landfill from their household,” said Cr Stefanopoulos.

The food and garden waste recycling program will be available to properties that use our kerbside garden waste service from March 2020, further information will be available leading up this.

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Photo courtesy Josie Hayden Photography