HACC PYP (client under 65) changes

This information has been developed to inform people about upcoming changes to the City of Stonnington’s Home and Community Care Program for Younger People (HACC PYP) and will be updated as new becomes available or questions emerge.

What is HACC PYP?

HACC PYP is a Victorian Government funded program that provides basic support and maintenance services to help people under 65 with disabilities remain living at home as independently as possible.

The City of Stonnington, like most other councils in Victoria, has delivered HACC PYP services since the 1980s. We are transitioning out of delivering HACC PYP services at the end of 2019 and the Victorian Government will appoint a new service provider.

These services include:

  • Care Services: domestic assistance, personal care and respite care
  • Home Maintenance: minor home repairs and modifications
  • Delivered Meals
  • Assessment Services: home based needs assessment and referrals.

Additional information about HACC PYP is available on Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services website.

Why is Council making this change?

Commonwealth Government reforms and the introduction of the NDIS are changing the way local government delivers aged and disability services. With a number of new providers offering services, demand for some services provided by Council has decreased substantially. Regrettably, it is no longer viable for us to provide these services.

What does this mean for current service users?

The Victorian Government will appoint a new provider to deliver HACC PYP services and we will work with the new provider to ensure our clients receive a smooth transition.

Service providers set their own fees however it is likely these will be similar to fees set by Council.

Our intention is to stop providing this service from 1 January 2020, however we will continue to provide services until new a provider is in place. You will not be left without a service or program during this transition.

How will you communicate this to people?

We wrote to people impacted by this change in early November and a City of Stonnington staff member will contact people before November 18 to discuss how we will support their transition to a new provider.

This timeframe will allow the Victorian Government time to appoint a new provider to deliver HACC PYP services in Stonnington.

Who can I speak to for more information?