Street Safety

The Community Safety Camera Program (CSCP) is comprised of fixed and pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras located in the Chapel Street precinct and Toorak Village and a rapid deployment CCTV trailer.


CCTV in Stonnington is used as part of a package of crime prevention measures, complementing local policing, liquor licensing, local laws, planning controls, public place lighting and urban design, education programs and initiatives of the Liquor Accord and Community Safety Committee.


The cameras operate in areas where anti-social behaviour or criminal activities are more likely to occur and aim to:

  • Enhance public safety
  • Deter crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Reduce  the fear of crime
  • Identify criminal activity and suspects
  • Reduce the cost and impact of crime on the community, and
  • Assist in the allocation and deployment of law enforcement resources.

Who is responsible?

Council is responsible for the provision, installation and ongoing maintenance of all infrastructure associated with the system. Victoria Police is responsible for the day to day operation of the cameras and monitoring of the network. Victoria Police may use the system for targeted operations.

Protecting your privacy

The Code of Practice provides an overview of the program and the protocols and procedures that guide Council officers, contractors, Victoria Police and other partners in the program, to ensure its aims are met, and to:

  • Ensure the privacy of individuals is protected;
  • Ensure cameras are used only for their designated purpose; and
  • Protect the rights of individuals.

Code of Practice(DOC, 958KB)

In addition, signage is installed throughout the Chapel Street precinct and Toorak Village in the vicinity of the cameras, and on the CCTV trailer to advise  that CCTV is in operation.


Footage from the street network is monitored, recorded and stored at the Prahran Police Station and footage from the CCTV trailer stored at Malvern Police Station. The CCTV system automatically downloads and records data which is retained for a minimum period of 31 days. If no request has been made to view or access the footage during this period the footage is destroyed.

Access to and use of footage is governed by strict protocols and procedures designed to safeguard the integrity and accountability of the data and the program.

Requests from the public in relation to a criminal matter should be directed to:

Victoria Police

Prahran Police Station, 396 Malvern Road, Prahran 3181

9520 5200 /

Steering Committee

The CCTV Steering committee comprised of Council staff, Victoria Police members and relevant key stakeholders is responsible for:

  • Overseeing the implementation of the CCTV System and ongoing management;
  • Developing an agreed monitoring and evaluation framework to ensure system objectives are being achieved; and
  • Considering recommendations of the annual audit.


An annual audit is  undertaken to:

  • Report on the management of the CCTV System and ensure adherence to CCTV policies, protocols and procedures;
  • Promote public confidence in the CCTV System by ensuring its operations are transparent and subject to public scrutiny; and
  • Make recommendations to improve the integrity of the CCTV System.


The CSCP infrastructure and installation costs have been funded through the Victorian Government’s Community Crime Prevention Program, Australian Government’s Safer Streets Program, Stonnington Concerned Citizens Association (Toorak Village) and Council.

Operating and maintenance costs are funded by Council.


Camera locations

Chapel Street precinct(PDF, 651KB)(PDF, 651KB)

Toorak Village precinct(PDF, 167KB)

The CCTV trailer is deployed by police within the municipal boundary.

CCTV Requests

Council has developed an evaluation framework and criteria to help assess requests for additional CCTV cameras to expand the Community Safety Camera Program.

The assessment criteria have been developed in consultation with the CCTV Steering Committee and aim provide a consistent approach to requests received from the community and invitations to apply for government funding.

Please find attached the Assessment Criteria(DOC, 294KB) and Request Form(DOC, 296KB) .

Completed request forms should be sent to –

Advocacy, Performance and Customer Experience City of Stonnington
PO Box 58
 Malvern 3144Or emailed to:


Enquiries in relation to any aspect of the management, operation or monitoring of the program may be made to:

CCTV Program Manager, City of Stonnington

8290 1333 /


If you believe the CSCP has been improperly used against you or someone you know, you can make a formal complaint in writing to:

Privacy Officer, City of Stonnington, PO Box 58, Malvern   3144