Emergency and Disaster Planning

Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP)

The Emergency Management Act 1986 requires Council to prepare and maintain a Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) which details the resources and arrangements for the prevention of, response to and recovery from emergencies within the municipality.

The plan provides strategies for protecting the community, activities to be undertaken during an emergency to reduce personal injury, loss of life or damage to property as well as measures to assist individuals to recover from emergencies and continue with their lives.

The broad objectives of the MEMP are to:

  • Implement measures to prevent or reduce the causes or effects of emergencies.
  • Manage arrangements for the utilisation and implementation of municipal resources in response to emergencies.
  • Manage support that may be provided to or from adjoining municipalities.
  • Assist the affected community to recover following an emergency.
  • Complement other local, regional and state planning arrangements.
  • Ensure full participation and involvement in planning by all members of the committee. 

Council’s MEMP has been developed in consultation with the Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC), which has representatives from a number of key emergency service agencies including Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Victoria Police, State Emergency Services (SES), Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB), Ambulance Victoria, Red Cross, as well as local services including Inner South Community Health, New Hope Foundation and Jewish Emergency Management Plan (JEMP).

As part of the development of the plan, Council has undertaken a Community Emergency Risk Management (CERM) approach to identify sources of risk within the municipality, the likelihood of an emergency event occurring and the treatment options available to Council to deal with such an event. 

For further information or to provide feedback on the plan, contact Council on 8290 1333.

Download a copy of the MEMP:

MEMP-Cover-2017(DOCX, 57KB)

A1-Contact-Directory-2017 (DOCX, 19KB)

A2-Activation-2017 (DOCX, 28KB)

A3-Response-2017(DOCX, 38KB)

A4-Relief-Recovery-2017(DOCX, 965KB)

A5-Emergency-Relief-Centres-2017(DOCX, 31KB)

A6-Public-Communication-2017(DOCX, 28KB)

B1-Municipal-Profile-2017(DOCX, 480KB) 

B2-Management Arrangements-2017(DOCX, 51KB) 

B3-Risk-Management-Arrangements-2017(DOCX, 404KB) 

C1-Administrative-Information-(DOCX, 891KB)2017

C2-Control-and-Support-Agencies-2017(DOCX, 1MB)

C3-MECC-Operating-Procedures-2017(DOCX, 19KB)

C4-Impact-Assessment-2017(DOCX, 26KB)

C5-Special-Plans-and-Arrangements-2017(DOCX, 49KB)


VicEmergency website

The www.emergency.vic.gov.au website has been updated for summer to provide the Victorian community with one, centralised location for emergency warnings and information. The site now includes all warnings for fires, hazardous material incidents, storms, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and traffic hazards. It is also fully mobile responsive and has been tested by Vision Australia to meet online accessibility requirements.

Emergency Relief and Material Aid

Emergency relief is provided in times of financial hardship.  There are different forms of assistance including food vouchers, food parcels, free or low cost meals, transport assistance, accommodation support,  low cost medical services and access to personal care facilities.

Emergency relief is usually provided as one-off support in a time of crisis, however in some circumstances agencies may be able to give ongoing support.

Information about agencies providing support including the relief offered, service location, hours of operation and conditions are provided in the booklet below.

For further information contact Advocacy, Performance and Improvement on 8290 1333 of download the emergency relief booklet.