Homelessness can occur due to a variety of complex issues including loss of employment, family breakdown, mental health and family violence.

People experience homelessness when they do not have accommodation that is safe, secure and appropriate. This may be exacerbated by poor physical and emotional health, disability, drug and alcohol issues and financial problems.

Council’s approach

View the Stonnington Homelessness Protocol(DOCX, 47KB)

Council’s approach is to:

  • Provide information to people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness about where they can access housing and support;
  • Ensure that people requiring assistance are referred to the appropriate service providers as soon as possible;
  • Monitor the extent of homelessness in Stonnington; and
  • Enhance community understanding about the causes of homelessness and local support services.

Council is working with Local Police, Health, Housing and Homelessness services to monitor homelessness in Stonnington and develop a coordinated approach.

There is no enforcement with respect to homelessness. Council does not have the power to move people on.

Support Services

Primary outreach and support services for people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness are:

Launch Housing

Rough Sleeper Initiative (RSI)
8598 1125

Star Health

Community Connections Team
9525 1300

For a full list of support services, download the (DOCX, 19KB)Housing and Homelessness Support Services(DOCX, 20KB).

Emergency relief is usually provided as a one-off support service in times of crisis and can include food vouchers, food parcels, transport assistance, housing support, access to shower and laundry facilities and bulk billing and low cost health services. 

View the Emergency Relief and Material Aid booklet(PDF, 652KB).

Reporting Homelessness

Concerns regarding homelessness can be reported to Council by phone 8290 1333 or via a service request online.

Reports of Homelessness will be investigated by Council’s Local Laws Officers who will liaise with local Police and make referral to the Launch Housing and Star Health outreach services.  These services will visit the location and offer a variety of supports including emergency housing.

If the person is unwell, or at risk of harming self or others please call 000.