People sleeping rough

What is the issue?

Over 24,000 Victorians can sleep rough on any given night. The causes are complex, and affect communities of all types.

Stonnington is not alone in experiencing this, as a community we need to find long term solutions and ensure short term support services are in place.

Rough sleeping and homelessness do not recognise municipal boundaries or even state borders. They must be addressed by all levels of government to ensure we provide safe crisis accommodation and stable social housing to support our most vulnerable community members when and where it is needed.

Our approach

The City of Stonnington works closely with local police, health, housing and homelessness services to monitor and support people who are sleeping rough.

Experienced staff stay in frequent touch with people who are known to sleep rough in our community, providing referral information about where housing, health and other support can be accessed.

Simply ‘moving people on’ is not the answer, and that’s why we work with neighbouring councils and state-wide agencies to ensure we provide sufficient support mechanisms and opportunities for those who want to break the cycle.

Concerns regarding people sleeping rough can be reported to Council online or by calling 8290 1333.

We also know that people sleeping rough in business or retail precincts can cause confusion and uncertainty for business owners and traders. See our information for traders for guidance.

What needs to change?

People sleep rough when they do not have accommodation that is safe, secure and appropriate. This may be exacerbated by poor physical and emotional health, disability, drug and alcohol issues and financial problems.

It is important to remember that sleeping rough is not illegal, and the Stonnington community believe in treating everyone with the dignity and respect we all deserve.

There are a number of dedicated support agencies for people sleeping rough, such as Launch Housing and Star Health, and we will continue to advocate strongly for these organisations to be sufficiently resourced by the Victorian Government.

Key support services

Launch Housing
8598 1170

Star Health
9525 1300

For more information, see: