Disabled Parking Permits (Accessible parking)

Disabled Persons Parking Permits (Accessible parking) are issued free of charge to residents who live within Stonnington and have a significant physical or intellectual impairment.

Two categories of permit are available:
  • Category 1 (blue) - permit a vehicle to be parked in designated bays for persons with disability and permit twice the specified time (in a time limited area)

  • Category 2 (green) - do not permit a vehicle to be parked in designated bays for persons with a disability, however do permit vehicles to be parked in a time limited area for twice the length of time specified.

Permit Conditions

A Disabled Parking Permit is valid if:

  • the driver of the vehicle is the permit holder, or
  • the permit holder is a passenger in the vehicle.

If the permit holder is not present, the Permit is not valid.

Disabled Parking Permits must be displayed at the left side (passenger side) of the front windscreen, with the expiry date and permit number clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle.

When parking in a pay/ticket parking area, permit holders must purchase and display a ticket,however twice the length of time purchased will be allowed.

Permit conditions are supplied at time of issue and/or renewal of the permit. Permit holders (or their legal guardians) are responsible for ensuring they are familiar and comply with these conditions. It should be noted that infringement notices issued as a result of lack of understanding of permit conditions may not be waived. All applications must be completed by both the applicant and a doctor.

Generally, permits are valid for one year and temporary permits for six months (depending on the disability). A new application must be lodged after a temporary permit has expired.

More information

Please contact our Customer Services Centre on 8290 1333.

Application forms

Disabled Persons Parking Permit Application(DOC, 624KB)

Organisation Disabled Parking Permit Application and Renewal(DOC, 198KB)