Non valid reasons for withdrawal of parking infringement

The following types of appeal are not considered valid reasons for withdrawal of parking infringements:

  • poor visibility due to weather
  • not noticing a sign
  • reading only part of a multi-panel sign
  • being unable to read the sign from the front seat of the car
  • forgetting to read the sign because you were concentrating on other things
  • not noticing that a sign/restriction had been changed
  • running late or being in a hurry
  • being delayed at an appointment (example: medical appointments are widely known to run late. Procedures can often take longer than expected. An allowance for this must be made when parking your car)
  • stopping for a short time in a prohibited area, such as a No Stopping area,  even if it just to pick up or drop off passengers or goods
  • being new to the area and unfamiliar with the restrictions, regardless of whether the driver is from Victoria, interstate or overseas.

Online appeals can be submitted via Stonnington Parking Alliance