Residential parking permits

COVID-19 Update: Residential Parking Permit – extension of expiry date

As a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Council has decided to extend the validity of all residential parking permits with a 30 April 2020 expiry date by three months, to 31 July 2020.

Please ensure you continue to display your permit throughout the three month extended period, regardless of the printed permit expiry date.

At this stage, we anticipate renewal notices will be issued before 31 July 2020.


  • All affected residential parking permit holders will be advised by letter of this change.
  • The April 2020 residential parking permit renewal form will not be issued. 
  • Permit holders must continue to display existing permits, regardless of the printed permit expiry date.
  • Parking enforcement officers will be instructed to treat permits with an expiry of 30 April 2020 as valid permits.
  • If you require a new permit, please follow the instructions on the page below.
  • If you require changes to an existing permit please email
  • At this stage, renewal notices for permits with a April 2020 expiry will be issued before 31 July 2020.
  • If the current COVID-19 isolation measures are still in place closer to the renewal date, Council will re-assess and notify residents of any further changes. 

Resident Parking Permit Scheme – Conditions and Information

Residential parking permits allow residents and their visitors to park in residential permit zones and to overstay certain time restrictions.

Eligible residences may apply for up to two free parking permits, which may consist of:

  • Two specific vehicle permits (both linked to vehicle registrations)
  • One specific vehicle permit and one variable permit (able to be used for visitors)

Additional permits may be available to residents for a fee from Council’s Service Centre. Please call Council’s Service Centre on 8290 1333, or enquire in person at the Stonnington City Centre or Prahran Town Hall.

Note: Residences where no specific vehicle permit has been issued are not eligible to receive more than one variable permit.

Who can apply?

Only residents where the property is their primary place of residence can apply for permits. Property owners who do not live at the residence are ineligible to obtain permits for that address.

Am I eligible for a permit?

All residential properties that are not subject to a town planning restriction are eligible to apply for residential parking permits.

In accordance with a Council decision of 19 March 2007 a property is ineligible for the residential parking permit scheme if:

  • Construction started on or after 19 March 2007, and;
  • The number of dwellings as a result of the development was increased by more than one

The purpose of this restriction is to encourage developers to provide sufficient parking on site to fully cater for the parking demands of the development and to limit excessive on-street parking demand from new developments in residential streets.

If you are unsure whether this applies to your residence, please call Council’s Service Centre on 8290 1333, or enquire in person at the Stonnington City Centre or Prahran Town Hall. 

How do I apply?

Please complete the Residential Parking Permit application form and return to Council:

You will need to provide proof of residency documents as outlined in the application form.

Where can permits be used?

Residential parking permits are only to be used to attend or visit the residence to which they were issued. They may not be used at any other location or for any other purpose.

Vehicles displaying a residential parking permit must be parked as close as possible to the residence to which the permit was issued, and within the designated permit area. 

Residential Parking Permits do not apply at any time to:

  • Outside or adjacent to non-residential properties and commercial premises. This applies to any point at the front, back and sides of the building. The ground floor purpose of the premise determines its commercial status.
  • Primary/main roads (unless otherwise signed)
  • Off-street car parks
  • Ticket parking areas
  • Parking zones of 30 minutes or less
  • Clearways, No Stopping, Loading Zones, Truck Zones and where prohibitive (red) signs are in force

How do I use the permit?

Any vehicle not displaying a permit as per conditions of use (Resident Parking Permit Scheme – Conditions and Information) may be liable to receive an infringement notice.

Residential parking permits are designed for passenger cars and motorcycles only.

Please note that residential parking permits are not valid for use in:

  • Commercial vehicles / vehicles constructed principally for carrying loads/goods which carry in excess of 1200 kilograms.
  • Prime movers, trailers, boats or caravans
  • Unregistered vehicles

Residential parking permits may not be used for business or commercial purposes.

It should be noted that infringement notices incurred due to a lack of knowledge or understanding of the full permit conditions may not be withdrawn.

Where permits are used contrary to any of the conditions, a parking infringement notice may be issued and the permit cancelled. Continued misuse of residential parking permits may also result in the revocation of all permit privileges for the residence.

Permit holders are responsible for ensuring that other users are aware of, and adhere to, conditions of use.

What other permits are available?