Forms For Changing Your Details

I have changed my mailing address. What do I do?

A change of mailing address is required in writing.  You can submit this to Council by either downloading the form below or you can send an email to the Rates Department at Please provide any alternative contact information (phone numbers, email addresses) when you contact Council.

 Change_of_Mailing_Address(DOC, 243KB)

I have changed my name. What do I do?

To change your name on Council records, please use the form below and provide a copy of your change-of-name certificate (birth, marriage, deed poll), confirming your name change.

 Change_of_Name(DOCX, 221KB)

I now own a property. What do I do?

Normally your legal representative will send a Notice of Acquisition of an Interest in Land detailing the terms of the purchase (or transfer) of your property. This form is also available below. The completed form should be lodged within one month of property transfer.

Notice-of-Acquisition-2017.pdf(PDF, 637KB)  

I no longer own a property. What do I do?

Your legal representative will send a Notice of Disposition of an Interest in Land providing the new property owner’s details. It should be noted that liability for payment of rates remains with the owner recorded with Council until the disposition of interest notice is received by Council.

Notice of Disposition (PDF, 552KB)