Land Information Certificate Applications


What is a Land information Certificate?

When a person is selling a property, a Land Information Certificate is required to be added to the Section 32 or Contract of Sale. The application can be made electronically or by mail.

Electronic application via eServices

This option allows applicants to logon, apply and pay for the Land Information Certificate online and receive the certificate (in PDF format) via email. To proceed with a Land Information Certificate application online please visit eServices (see link below).

Before you apply for any certificates via eServices, you are required to register for a username and temporary password.

To create this username and apply for certificates please visit eServices.

Application via mail

This option allows applicants to download the Land Information Certificate application form and forward it by mail with the prescribed fee (currently $27.00 for a standard application or $87.00 for a priority application). A Land Information Certificate will then be mailed to you within three working days.

Land_Information_Certificate_Application_Form.pdf(PDF, 27KB)

Once completed, post the Land Information Certificate application form and payment to:

City of Stonnington,
PO Box 58,
Malvern  Vic  3144