Heavy Vehicle Access

Heavy Vehicle National Law

The Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and Regulations came into effect in Victoria on 10 February 2014. The purpose of this legislation is to consolidate all heavy vehicle road transport business, providing one set of national laws, penalties, fees, and one point of contact.

Section 18 of the Victorian Heavy Vehicle National Law Application Act 2013 recognises local government as the road manager with responsibilities regarding decision making for heavy vehicle access to the road network.

How to apply

To apply for a  heavy vehicle access you must apply for a permit directly with the NHVR.  You can apply either online or by fax or post.

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Please note: The legislation states that Council has 28 days to make a decision and respond to applications. Stonnington Council will endeavour to process and respond to every application within seven working days. This can be extended if bridge assessments or other detailed analysis has to be carried out and this is to be funded by the applicant.

Stonnington Council will not issue any pre-approvals for the road network under its management until a full and proper analysis of the network has been undertaken.

Approvals will be issued when it is satisfied that the applicant has demonstrated it can operate the proposed heavy vehicle on Council controlled roads safely.

Things to consider when applying

Applicants are advised to consider the following:

  • A number of applications have been refused due to lack of information. The information required before an application will be considered for assessment is outlined in the following document.
  • Stonnington NHVR Preapplication-Check List.pdf(PDF, 7KB)
  • Identify VicRoads-pre-approved routes and use these as much as possible for these roads within Stonnington.

 For more information, visit VicRoads Heavy Vehicle Map Networks in Victoria.

  • Investigate route suitability prior to submitting your application to avoid delays. Publicly accessible web-based street view applications may be considered if site assessment is not possible or convenient. Consider, for example, if the vehicle can turn into the street? Or, if making a delivery, where will it stop?
  • If the destination requires a road closure and/or traffic management approval in order to undertake a delivery or pick-up, the applicant should apply concurrently to Council’s Building Department for appropriate road occupancy approval. Permission to use the destination street in the route will not be given until other necessary approvals have been obtained.

 For more information, visit Local Law Permits - Construction