Road Safety

Council has a vision zero approach to road safety. This is consistent with Victoria’s Road Safety Strategy Towards Zero 2016 // 2020 which is striving to achieve a safe road system, free of deaths and serious injuries. The Government has set a target to reduce deaths to below 200 in the next 5 years as its first step Towards Zero.

Consultation was recently completed on our 'Towards Zero' Road Safety Strategy 2017-2022, visit Connect Stonnington for more information.

The City of Stonnington has an aim to reduce road related fatalities and serious injuries within the municipality by 30% over the ten year life of the Road Safety Policy 2008-2017. View the City of Stonnington’s Road Safety Policy(PDF, 6MB) to find out more about how Council will work with Road Safety Stakeholders to achieve its Vision Zero goals.

Speed and Speeding
Young Drivers
Primary Schools
Older Road Users
Cyclists and pedestrians

Speed and Speeding

Vehicle speed contributes significantly to the severity of the crashes and the resulting injuries. VicRoads suggest that at higher speeds there is a greater likelihood of severe injury or death and even small increases in travel speed can cause disproportionately large increases in the likelihood of a crash that causes death or serious injury.2016-TP-risk-of-being-killed.png

This graph shows the relationship between vehicle speed and the risk of being killed.

According to VicRoads statistics, lower travelling speeds on our urban roads have contributed to significant reductions in pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries since 2001. Over the past 5 years in the City of Stonnington six pedestrians were killed and 94 seriously injured on roads within the municipality. However research shows that just a 10 per cent reduction in average vehicle travelling speeds could reduce road deaths by 40 per cent.

Council is proactively addressing speed in Stonnington by introducing Area 40 speed zones in some local streets. Find out more here.

Road Safety Programs for Learner and Young Drivers


The Fit2Drive (F2D) Foundation Inc. is a not for profit community partnership that is dedicated to reducing youth road trauma. Its focus is on building the capacity of young people to make good decisions when faced with risky driving situations, whether as a passenger or a driver.

The philosophy of the F2D program incorporates the belief that young people have the capacity to change and influence attitudes and behaviours in relation to risky driving, and supports them to take ownership and responsibility for their own and their peers' safety.

The F2D Foundation Inc. is an incorporated association, funded by contributions from the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), VicRoads (through the Victorian Community Road Safety Partnership Program), Department of Education and Training (DET), Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV), and local government, as well as sponsorship, school subscriptions and fundraising. Central to the F2D approach is using university students trained as Peer Facilitators to run workshops with young people in school and community settings. Click here  to learn how to get your school involved.


 L2P learner driver and mentorL2P is an innovative community based program developed to provide assistance to young people, who face significant barriers in completing their 120 hours of on road driving experience. Young people are matched with trained volunteer mentors who will support them to attain 120 hours of supervised driving. 

The Stonnington program, facilitated by Melbourne City Mission, is funded by TAC and administered through VicRoads and supported by the City of Stonnington.

 In the 2015/2016 financial year the Stonnington L2P program achieved the following outcomes: 

  • 11 young people achieved their probationary licence
  • The young people were assisted by 21 volunteers from the local community
  • We provided 50 professional driving lessons 
  • Over 900 driving hours

 The program supports road safety in Stonnington by building the confidence and skills of young learner drivers.

 Click here to find out more or to donate your time as a mentor.

Road Safety for Primary Schools

Encouraging, supporting and promoting safety around schools is an important component of Stonnington's Road Safety Policy 2008-2017. If you are a teacher or parent and are interested in discussing safe active transport to and from school, require support to develop a school travel plan or would like to discuss strategies to support and encourage involvement in active transport initiatives such as Ride2School and Walk2School please contact Council’s Road User Behaviour Officer 8290 1333.

Road Safety for Older Road Users

According to VicRoads statistics, our ageing population makes older drivers the fastest growing risk group for road crashes. Stonnington’s Road Safety Policy commits to the delivery of behavioural road safety programs that aim to promote and encourage driver safety for road users over 60 years.

Upcoming courses available for City of Stonnington residents include; Wiser Driver, Safer Scooter Safer Wheelchair and Wiser Walker Wiser Traveller. For more information please contact Council’s Road User Behaviour Officer 8290 1333.

For more information and advice on transport options for seniors refer to the RACV website.

Road Safety for Motorcyclists

In Victoria motorcyclists make up 4% of roads users however they account for 17% of the trauma we see on the roads. Acknowledging these risks is the first step you can take to ensure safety on the road.

What you can do as a rider

  • Ride within your limit and experience
  • Wear protective clothing
  • Look ahead and don't assume other road users have seen you
  • Get to know the bike you're riding and how it behaves
  • Show respect to other road users and share the road

What you can do to keep motorcyclists safe

  • When driving always keep an eye out for motorcyclists, check your mirrors and pay attention to your surroundings
  • Don't let yourself be distracted while driving or as a pedestrian
  • Show respect to other road users, particularly motorcyclists who are extremely vulnerable in a crash.

Road Rules for motorcyclists

Road Safety for Cyclists and Pedestrians


Council is committed to increasing participation in cycling and supporting cycling safety is an important step towards encouraging more people to cycle. For more information on Cycling in Stonnington and to find tips for safe cycling, including tips for staying safe around car doors, click here.

To support road safety for cyclists and achieve the goal of zero deaths and serious injuries on our roads, the TAC has recently developed the ‘rider reminder’ – a sticker which is placed on the inside of your car door. Designed to feel like your old bike handle, it's a reminder to think of bike riders and open with care. Check out the TAC video to learn more.

Rider reminder stickers are available at Council Service Centres or from selected traders along Chapel Street.


As a pedestrian, plan where you will walk and always choose the safest place to cross a road. VicRoads has developed a set of engaging video and print resources to inform the community about pedestrian safety when crossing roads. Click here  to find out more. 

Remember as a pedestrian you must:

  • use the shortest or most direct way to cross a road 
  • cross to the nearest edge of the road after getting off a tram
  • obey traffic instructions from a police officer
  • give way to vehicles at roundabouts
  • obey 'no pedestrian' signs
  • cross at pedestrian crossings – you must not cross the road within 20 metres of a pedestrian crossing
  • Give Way when crossing a path which is for bicycles and wheeled devices (a path showing a 'Bicycle lane' sign).


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