Backyard Biodiversity


You can help our local plants and animals by creating a wildlife haven on your balcony or in your backyard. By providing birds and animals with food, nesting, shelter and water, they’ll be drawn to your garden and add a whole range of benefits to both your garden and the wider community.  


    Build a bird-friendly backyard

    Keen to have more feathered friends in your garden? Powerful Owl

    The key ingredient for providing an appealing habitat for native birds is to: 

    • create a multi-layered habitat of ground covers and small and medium shrubs
    • plant their favourite foods, including nectar from native flowers and native grass seeds
    • install a bird-bath or pond, and
    • create dense habitat using prickly shrubs such as Acacia paradoxa

    Read more tips on how to create bird-friendly gardens.


    Support nature in the city 

    You can help our plants and animals by:

    • planting indigenous plants (local to Melbourne)
    • ensuring pet food is not left outside for foxes or Indian Myna birds
    • installing a nesting box for a feathery friend
    • keeping cats inside and only let dogs off leads in specified areas
    • removing weeds
    • use natural alternatives to synthetic chemicals in your garden, like worm casting's or compost.  


    Meet some of our local birds: Rainbow Lorikeets using a nesting box

    Listen out for our frogs: southern brown frog

    Further information:

    If you find any injured native wildlife please contact Wildlife Victoria on toll free 1300 094 535 or visit