Possums in Stonnington

Living with possums isn’t always easy, but we can live in harmony with possums in our shared urban spaces.

Stonnington is home to two varieties of possums: The Brushtail and Ringtail possum.

The Brushtail possum is the second biggest possum in Australia. They’re the size of a small cat, have dark grey to brown fur and a lighter chest.

The Ringtail possum is half the size of a cat and has round ears. Their fur is grey to brown. Their long curled white tip tail is their distinguishing feature.  

Living with possums

Finding shelter and nesting sites can be the possum’s biggest challenge.

The Common Brushtail possum is often found seeking shelter in our roof spaces and cavities. Ringtail possums will rarely enter a roof, instead they build a shelter in dense foliage metres off the ground.

If you have possums in your roof visit Sustainable Gardening Australia, Backyard buddies or DELWP website for tips on how to get them out.

Do you have possums in your garden? Here are our top tips to stop your precious plants being eaten by hungry possums:

  • Locate the possum’s “highway” and preferred routes to your garden.
  • Build physical barriers to stop possums from using their preferred route.
  • Create a floppy fence or install fence spikes, which prevents possums from climbing the structure.
  • Use netting or possum deterrents for example blood and bone. Sustainable Gardening Australia have a great list of the best possum deterrents.

Watch a short video demonstrating these simple methods to keep possums out of your garden.

Possums and the Law

Possums are protected by law, and you have a legal obligation to deal with possums humanely. Possums can be trapped in order to remove them from a roof. But must be released on the same property within 50 meters of the capture site.

Key Contacts

If you find any injured native wildlife please contact Wildlife Victoria on toll free 1300 094 535 or visit wildlifevictoria.org.au

Emergency contact for injured possums
Phone: 9224 2222

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning 
State government department with responsibility for native animals including possums
Phone: 136 186
Email: possum.comments@dse.vic.gov.au