Green Businesses

Council’s Sustainability Outreach Program has been developed to support Stonnington residents and businesses to become more sustainable.

Green Business Case Studies

In order to support sustainable businesses in Stonnington, Council is developing a series of case studies to promote businesses who are adopting sustainable practices. If your business would like to be considered for a case study, please email or call 8290 2063.

CASE STUDY: Connecting Communities at Aunt Maggie's

Find out how organic grocer, Aunt Maggie’s, is connecting communities around food and healthier eating.

Connecting-Communities-at-Aunt-Maggies.pdf(PDF, 154KB)


CASE STUDY: Tackling Sustainability Head on at Koto Hair

Find out how Koto Hair are actively exploring sustainable business solutions.

Tackling-Sustainability-Head-on-at-Koto-Hair.pdf(PDF, 103KB)


CASE STUDY: Reducing Waste at Ladro TAP

Find out how Ladro TAP are working towards their goal of zero waste.

2016-sustenv-greenbusinessLadroCaseStudy.pdf(PDF, 96KB)

 Ladro plan pots

Other Resources to Improve Your Business' Energy Efficiency

After staff costs, energy use can be one of the biggest expenses for small businesses. Reducing energy use is a guaranteed way to improve the profitability, resilience and value of your small business.

  • The City of Stonnington has a range of energy initiatives and resources for property owners to improve the energy efficiency of their building/s. For more information on this initiative visit our energy page.
  •  Visit Energy Cut for a simple 20-step guide on how to reduce your business's energy bills.




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