Stonnington Tree Management

A thriving urban forest provides many social, economic and environmental benefits in urban areas. 

Key benefits of a healthy urban forest include:


  • Providing shading and cooler city temperatures
  • Reduced air pollution
  • Reduced stormwater runoff
  • Wildlife food & habitat
  • Carbon storage and sequestration


  • Reduced sun exposure and heat related illnesses
  • Encourages outdoor activity and use of open spaces
  • Improved community cohesion
  • Improved amenity and landscape aesthetics
  • Creates a sense of place
  • Provides a connection to nature
  • Improves mental wellbeing


  • Reduced energy costs through increased shade over buildings
  • Reduced degradation of infrastructure
  • Improved property values through enhanced neighbourhood aesthetics
  • More attractive retail and commercial centres

The City of Stonnington is committed to maintaining and enhancing its street trees and has a maintenance program that is divided into 2 parts:

  • Non Designated Streets

    The Non Designated Streets are those that have been identified as requiring biennial (2 year) inspection and pruning.  There are approximately 21,000 trees in these streets. 

  • Designated Streets

    The Designated Streets are those that have been identified as requiring additional monitoring and these streets will be inspected and pruned annually.  There are approximately 6,000 trees in these streets.

In addition to our maintenance program, Council  has a reactive tree maintenance program in place and residents are invited to call 8290 1333 at any time to raise concerns you may have with street or park trees within the municipality.

The City of Stonnington has also developed an annual Electric Line Clearance Management Plan. In so doing Council is working toward compliance with the Electricity Safety (Electric Line Clearance) Regulations 2015. You can view the Plan below.


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