Sustainable transport

Sustainable Transport 

More than half of all car trips are less than five kilometres. This means there is plenty of potential to increase the number of people choosing sustainable transport options such as walking, cycling and public transport.

At Stonnington, we‘re working towards improving transport, access and movement within the City by promoting and supporting safe, accessible and convenient local destinations, public transport options, and walking and cycling.

The transport network in Stonnington forms part of a wider metropolitan system. The system is complex in terms of the diversity of its components - trams, trains, buses, bicycle lanes, footpaths etc - and the number of parties involved - bicycle groups, public transport user groups, state government departments, private companies providing public transport services etc.

Council's role is to represent the interests of the Stonnington community to other levels of government and the public sector who are responsible for the provision of transport services, facilities and infrastructure.