Urban Forest

Trees in Stonnington 


The City of Stonnington is known for its tree lined streets and established parks and gardens. We manage around 55,000 trees across 520 tree species in our parks, streets, council facilities and the Malvern Valley Golf Course.

The importance of the urban forest to a city's livability, environment and prosperity is widely recognised. Trees and green spaces play an important role in our physical and mental wellbeing and are an essential element of any city. Trees also provide many other benefits to the community, the environment and local economic activity including improved air quality, cooler streets, reduced UV exposure, improved water management and reduced energy costs.

The City of Stonnington is fortunate to have a diverse and mature urban forest that underpins the character and amenity of the City.  Approximately 25 per cent of the municipality is covered in tree canopy, which places Stonnington amongst the Melbourne municipalities with the highest canopy covers. This high canopy cover is largely due to the spreading mature trees that are found within the City's streets, parks and private gardens.

Our Urban Forest Strategy aims to provide clear direction for the protection, management and planting of trees on public and private land across Stonnington and addresses the key challenges facing Stonnington's urban forest. 

Our vision

The City of Stonnington will have a healthy, resilient, diverse and valued urban forest that will continue to be a core element of the character and livability of the City. The urban forest will underpin the health and wellbeing of the community, increase biodiversity and environmental outcomes and help strengthen economic activity.