Street Tree Policy


The City of Stonnington is characterised by its tree-lined boulevards, leafy streetscapes and historic parks, including a mature and diverse population of 31,500 street trees that are central to the character and amenity of the municipality.

Trees on Council land are an important community asset, providing essential environmental services and extensive social and economic benefits that increase significantly with the tree age and maturity. Council's Urban Forest Strategy highlights the importance of the urban forest, including street trees, for liveability, the environment, and prosperity. Key challenges including competition for limited space in the streetscape, conflict with surrounding infrastructure, and community perceptions and acceptance of street trees make it increasingly difficult to maintain these valuable resources. 

In order to facilitate the protection, management, and expansion of the urban forest throughout Stonnington, the Street Tree Policy sets out Council's position on the planting, maintenance and retention of street trees on public land, including:

  1. Urban Forest Expansion - Page 6
  2. Street Tree Protection & Retention - Page 6
  3. Street Tree Planting: Locations, Siting & Spacing - Page 7
  4. Species Selection - Page 7
  5. Street Tree Removal & Replacement - Page 8
  6. Street Tree Inspection, Pruning and Maintenance - Page 9
  7. Community Engagement - Page 10

The objectives of this Policy are to:

  • Recognise the value and benefit of street trees as part of the City of Stonnington urban forest.
  • Facilitate the expanded urban forest committed to in the Urban Forest Strategy.
  • Support the protection and management of street trees, including those adjacent to construction, works and other activities that can impact tree health.
  • Support Council to plant and manage street trees in a consistent and fair manner.
  • Improve community understanding of Council’s commitment to expand the urban forest and the basis on which Council makes decisions regarding the planting and management of street trees on public land.

Download the Street Tree Policy