Council Tree Maintenance

We are committed to maintaining and enhancing street trees through our tree maintenance program. The program is divided into two parts: designated and non designated streets.

  • Designated streets have been assessed as needing inspection and pruning once a year. There are approximately 6,000 trees in designated streets throughout the municipality.
  • Non designated streets have been assessed as needing inspection and pruning every two years. There are approximately 21,000 trees in non designated streets throughout the municipality.

Tree safety

A proactive tree management process is implemented to avoid or minimise risk and maintain trees in a safe, healthy and aesthetically appealing condition.

Council manages its tree population in line with a defined tree risk management framework. This involves:

  • Identifying trees for which Council is responsible
  • Maintaining a Tree Register that determines which trees Council is responsible for
  • Determining tree Risk Ratings
  • Developing a proactive tree inspection regime for different asset categories
  • Developing risk-based proactive tree inspection processes
  • Undertaking tree risk-mitigation works within appropriate timeframes
  • Maintaining records of tree risk-mitigation works
  • Periodically reviewing Council’s  tree risk management framework

Council takes a deliberate risk-based approach to tree management processes including tree planting, tree establishment, formative pruning, uplift and clearance pruning, tree inspection, pest and disease treatment, tree removal and emergency response.

Council acts to reduce any identified tree risks to an acceptable level by:

  • Appropriately selecting, positioning and planting trees to reduce long-term risk;
  • Implementing a program of best-practice tree management to avoid and mitigate tree risk to people and property;
  • Undertaking proactive and systematic tree inspections based on a risk profile and undertaking risk-mitigation works:
  • Maintaining accurate documentation on management of Council’s tree assets.

If you have concerns about a street or park tree or would like to report a tree issue, such as fallen (tree/s or branches), assessment, pruning, root problems, stump, removal and dead trees please report it online or call 8290 1333. 

Council has also developed an annual Electric Line Clearance Management Plan and working toward compliance with the Electricity Safety (Electric Line Clearance) Regulations 2015. You can view the Plan below.