Street trees


Street trees provide the best opportunity to increase canopy cover and cool our city. Within Stonnington, shopping areas and dense residential areas have fewer trees compared to other parts of the city. These areas provide the greatest opportunity to increase tree canopy cover but they also present the greatest challenges to growing large trees as there is limited space available.

Planting trees in these areas usually involves planting trees into the existing soil through a small cutout in the pavement, which can impact tree health, growth and longevity. Only a small number of trees species can live in these conditions and they’re usually small trees with small canopies. Council is finding new and innovative ways to grow large trees in these areas through design and engineering solutions.

Watering Street Trees

The hot dry summer weather can impact our beautiful street trees. Occasionally, watering the trees will help those that are older than two years to survive the hot summer months.

An occasional bucket of water for your local street tree, especially just before extremely hot days (35 degrees plus), will help ensure the development of a healthy tree. You’ll also be making a difference to the biodiversity of your street and the liveability of your neighbourhood.

Before watering, it’s important to check that water is really needed by assessing the soil moisture. Using a garden fork , open up (aerate) the soil around trees to the drip line before watering, and apply enough water to moisten the soil to a depth of 30–40cm.

As Stonnington supports water conservation and sustainable gardening, we ask residents to only use recycled water when watering street trees. You can use recycled/greywater from your shower, bath, sink or washing machine. Remember to take care and ensure that environmentally friendly washing detergents and soaps are used when collecting greywater.

If you’re concerned about your local street trees during extreme heat periods, please contact Stonnington’s Customer Service team on 8290 1333.    

Boulevard Planting Program

A key feature of Stonnington’s urban landscape are our boulevards of trees, which are important thoroughfares for walking, cycling and vehicle traffic, providing linkages to Activity Centres and open spaces.

Council has an annual program to create and enhance some of the significant boulevards in the city by establishing signature avenues of trees. The creation of each boulevard takes a number of years, with tree removal and replacement occurring in stages to allow the long term vision of a signature boulevard to be realised over time without a sudden reduction in canopy cover.