Trees on private land


As the majority of the land area within the City of Stonnington is privately owned, private land owners play a significant role in the growth of the urban forest. Increasing and maintaining a healthy urban forest requires private landowners to plant and look after private trees.

Council encourages Stonnington property owners to plant trees to ensure the continued ambience of our city and to protect and enhance biodiversity. Find out how to increase biodiversity in Stonnington by creating a wildlife haven in your backyard.

To ensure that healthy well-structured trees are retained in the landscape, Council has a number of regulatory controls in place including the Stonnington Planning Scheme and the General Local Law.


Apply for a Tree Works Permit 

The City of Stonnington is known for its tree lined streets and established parks and gardens.  With over 90% of the land in Stonnington being privately owned, private trees comprise a significant proportion of Stonnington’s urban forest.  Tree Work Permits ensure that tree pruning and removal works are undertaken in a way that supports and sustains a safe, healthy and diverse urban forest.

General Local Law

The City of Stonnington has a General Local Law that protects 'significant’ trees on private land. 

A Tree Work Permit must be obtained before a person removes, damages, kills or destroys a Significant Tree under the City of Stonnington General Local Law 2008 (No.1).

For further information visit the Tree Works Permit page.

Stonnington Planning Scheme

The Stonnington Planning Scheme has two Planning Overlays with trees controls:

  • SLO1 - Yarra (Birrarung) River Corridor Environs
  • NCO1 – Hedgeley Dene Precinct

Tree works (pruning or removal) within these overlays require a planning permit. 

Maps of the areas covered by these overlays and associated tree controls can be found on the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website.

Download planning applications for tree works within these overlays(PDF, 305KB).

For further information, contact Council’s Planning Department on 8290 3329.