Garden Waste

The City of Stonnington provides a fortnightly user pays Garden Waste Recycling Service, offering 120 and 240 L bins. Garden waste is collected fortnightly on the same day as your garbage. This service is for ratepaying residents only. If you rent a property you will need to check with your landlord.

Please place garden waste only into your garden waste bin. From March 2020, Stonnington residents will be able to place all food waste into their kerbside garden waste bin. Information will be sent to residents directly in the lead up to this - you can also subscribe to our environment news emails to stay up to date.


Replacing your 240 L garbage bin with a 120 L garbage bin and a 120 L garden waste bin, could also save you up to $100 per year in waste charges.

Garden Waste Recycling Dates

Visit Services Near Me  to search for your property's garden waste collection dates.

Alternatively view the garden waste calendars below or contact Council on 8290 1333.

Garden Waste Recycling fees, charges and application form

Application fee: $20.00
Annual charge: 2018/19
120-litre bin: $96.00 per year
240-litre bin: $130.00 per year

The above fees and charges apply to residential property services. Commercial and other non-residential property services incur GST.

Call Council on 8290 1333 to participate or to enquire about multiple bins per household.

Download the Waste-Collection-Services-Application-Form-2019-20.pdf(PDF, 63KB)

Owners Corporation Garden Waste Bins for Apartments

Owners Corporation Management Companies can now apply online to subscribe to Council’s Garden Waste Service on behalf of apartment buildings. This new system allows for Owners Corporations to be invoiced annually for 240 L bin/s, rather than an individual property.

Click here for more information about applying for this service.

Items that CAN be placed in the Garden Waste Recycling Bin

  • grass clippings
  • Garden prunings and weeds
  • Small logs (up to 10 cm in diameter and 40 cm long)
  • Leaves and bark

Items that CANNOT be Placed in the Garden Waste Recycling Bin



Plastic bags

These can be recycled through REDcycle.

Biodegradable and compostable bags

Avoid using as Council infrastructure is unable to process this material.

Household rubbish

Please dispose of these in your garbage bin.

Large logs or stumps

These can be recycled at the Stonnington Waste Transfer Station.

Food scraps

Find out about Food Waste Recycling options local to Stonnington.

Sand or dirt

Refer to the Yellow Pages for recycling or disposal options.

Bricks or rubble

Refer to the Yellow Pages for recycling or disposal options.

The above fees and charges apply to residential property services. Commercial and other non-residential property services incur GST.

Please note:

  • place material loosely for easy disposal
  • heavy moisture items, like fresh lawn clippings should be put in last to prevent material sticking to the bottom of the bin
  • position the bin with the handles and wheels facing your house
  • maximum bin weight is 60 kg.     

Why Recycle Garden Waste?

In Stonnington, the average garbage bin contains over 55% recyclable organic material, including garden waste. When organic material is disposed at landfill it decomposes to produce greenhouse gases that continue to be generated for decades. The garden waste collected is recycled into a useful compost product which improves soil quality, contributes to healthy gardens and supports food production.

Bin placement and collection times

Bins should be placed out on the nature strip:

  • parallel to the kerb with the lid opening onto the road
  • away from overhead trees
  • away from power poles or street signs
  • away from parked cars
  • spaced at least 30 cm away from other bins

 Bins will be collected from the following times:

  • 4.30am weekdays on main roads and commercial shopping strips
  • 6am weekdays on residential streets

Council's Local Law, introduced in 2004, states:

  • bins must be placed on the nature strip or footpath in front of your property
  • garbage bins can be placed out at 3pm the day before collection and must be returned before midnight the day of collection
  • contents of your bin must not exceed 60kg

The Local Law was introduced to maintain pedestrian and disabled access and community safety, particularly in parts of the city where the streets are narrow.

Need a new bin?

Complete the application form below and return to Council via post to PO Box 58, Malvern VIC 3144 or email

Waste-Collection-Services-Application-Form-2019-20.pdf(PDF, 63KB)

Stolen or missing bins

To arrange a replacement bin, complete the statutory declaration form and bin application form and return to Council's Service Centre.

Missing Bin Statutory Declaration(PDF, 29KB)

Waste-Collection-Services-Application-Form-2019-20.pdf(PDF, 63KB)