The City of Stonnington offers a fortnightly kerbside recycling collection. Recycling is collected fortnightly on the same day as your garbage bin.

Your recycling is collected by Cleanaway and taken to a Visy Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), where it is separated out into paper and cardboard, glass, rigid plastics, aluminium, steel and cartons. These materials are then bundled and sent to re-processors where they undergo further treatment to allow them to be used in the manufacturing of new products.

Watch how Visy processes our recyclables

Recycling Collection Dates

Visit Services Near Me  to search for your property's recycling collection dates.

Alternatively view the recycling calendars below or contact Council on 8290 1333.

Fortnightly recycling collection calendar 2019/20(PDF, 199KB)

Items that CAN be recycled in my kerbside recycling bin


  • Clean items, rinsed if necessary, to remove food scraps
  • Items loosely placed in bins, not contained in plastic bags
  • Rigid Plastics – households kitchen and bathroom containers that keep their shape when squeeze
  • Aluminium and steel cans, aerosols and foils
  • Glass bottles and jars (clear, amber and green glass)
  • Milk and juice cartons
  • Loose paper and cardboard items

Items that CANNOT be recycled in my kerbside recycling bin



Any items contained in plastic bags

Place recycling loosely into your recycling bin

Waxed fruit boxes

Avoid purchasing products in waxed cardboard.

Soft plastics that don't keep their shape when squeezed e.g. cling wrap, plastic bags

These can be recycled through REDcycle.

Drinking glasses

Consider donating intact glasses to your local Opshop.

Food waste

Join Council's 'Compost Revolution'


Please dispose of these in your garbage bin.

Light globes

These can be recycled at the Stonnington Waste Transfer Station.

Ceramic plates or mugs

Consider donating intact glasses to your local Opshop.

Foam trays or polystyrene

Small quantities can now be recycled City of Boroondara and City of Monash Transfer stations.

Garden waste

Recycle through Council's Garden Waste service or at the Stonnington Waste Transfer Station.

Coffee Cups

Avoid using single use coffee cups by using a reusable cup instead.

Recycle through the Simply Cups recycling program.

As of July 2018, coffee cups are no longer accepted in Council's kerbside recycling collection. This is due to changes resulting from recent pressures on the global recycling industry.

Other Helpful Recycling Resources

Visit 'Recycling Near You' to search recycling and disposal options for a large range of materials.

Visit 'Get it RIght on Bin Night' for more information about acceptable items in Council recycling collections.

Bin placement and collection times

Bins should be placed out on the nature strip:

  • parallel to the kerb with the lid opening onto the road
  • away from overhead trees
  • away from power poles or street signs
  • away from parked cars
  • spaced at least 30 cm away from other bins.

Bins will be collected from the following times:

  • 4.30am weekdays on main roads and commercial shopping strips
  • 6am weekdays on residential streets

Council's Local Law, introduced in 2004, states:

  • bins must be placed on the nature strip or footpath in front of your property
  • garbage bins can be placed out at 3pm the day before collection and must be returned before midnight the day of collection
  • contents of your bin must not exceed 60kg.

The Local Law was introduced to maintain pedestrian and disabled access and community safety, particularly in parts of the city where the streets are narrow.

Need a new bin?

Complete the application form below and return to Council via post at PO Box 58, Malvern VIC 3144 or email 

Stolen or missing bins

To arrange a replacement bin, complete the statutory declaration form and bin application form and return to Council's Service Centre.

Missing Bin Statutory Declaration(PDF, 29KB)

Waste-Collection-Services-Application-Form-2019-20.pdf(PDF, 63KB)

Bin signage

Clear signage helps people to understand what goes in each bin. Collect bin stickers or posters from a Council Service Centre near you or contact us to request signage for your home or apartment.


Download garbage signage(PDF, 212KB)


Download recycling poster(PDF, 260KB)