Discounted compost products

Join the compost revolution


To support you to compost at home, we offer a wide range of composting products at a discounted rate of 40 per cent off + FREE household delivery. Products include

- Worm Farms
- Compost Bins
- Bokashi Bins

To purchase or for more information about this program and the products on offer, visit the Compost Revolution website, type in your address to find out your discount eligibility. You can also undertake an online step-by-step tutorial to show you how to use each of the products.

Conditions of Eligibility
One home composting product discount is available per household in order for as many Stonnington residents to be involved as possible. Residents that have already received a discount are ineligible. The discount is only available to residents (ratepayers and renters) of the City of Stonnington.  


Why compost?

In Stonnington, the average garbage bin contains over 55% organic material, including garden waste. When organic material goes to landfill it decomposes to produce greenhouse gases that continue to be generated for decades. With a bit of help, this organic material can be turned into nutrient rich compost for your garden!