Local food waste recycling options

Kerbside Food Recycling Service

From March 2020, Stonnington residents will be able to reduce food waste sent to landfill by placing all food waste into their kerbside garden waste bin. 

The food and garden waste recycling program will be available to properties that use our kerbside garden waste service from March 2020.

Information will be sent to residents directly in the lead up to this - you can also subscribe to our environment news emails to stay up to date.

Compost Revolution

To support residents to recycle their food waste at home, the City of Stonnington offers 40% off worm farms, compost bins and Bokashi bins + free household delivery. Find out more.

Apartment Composting Program

This program supports apartment buildings to establish communal composting systems to recycle their food waste. Click here for more information.

Armadale Baptist Church Community GardenComposting-at-ABC-Community-Garden.jpg

Bring your food and garden scraps to the Armadale Baptist Church community garden anytime and help create valuable fertiliser and soil for the community garden. The compost bins are located at the entrance to the garden at 88 Kooyong Rd, Armadale. For further information please contact the Committee at abccommunitygarden@gmail.com.    

ShareWaste with neighbours!

Sharewaste is an online platform to connect people with excess kitchen scraps to neighbours who are composting, worm farming or keeping chickens. You can search for nearby composts or request to receive other peoples' food scraps. 

Visit ShareWaste for more information.