Waste and Recycling Collections


15 February 2019

Earlier today we were advised that the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) had issued notices on recyclers SKM Services Pty Ltd, requiring the company to stop accepting recyclable materials at its Coolaroo and Laverton North sites.

The recyclable material collected through Council's fortnightly recycling service is collected by Cleanaway and taken to an SKM recyclables transfer station in Hallam, from where it is transferred to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Coolaroo.

This closure has also impacted SKMs Hallam site.

The EPA notices relate to non-compliant stockpiling of recyclables at the Coolaroo and Laverton North sites. These notices require SKM to stop accepting further material until such time the EPA has confirmed that the sites have been returned to compliance.

SKM has indicated they are working to achieve EPA compliance at their respective sites by mid to late next week.

The City of Stonnington kerbside recycling collection service will continue.

Council is continuing to work with our recyclables collection contractor and their reprocessing contractor to maximise the resource recovery of our kerbside recyclables.

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