Council provide a weekly garbage collection service. Waste placed in this bin is taken Garbage-bin.jpg
to landfill.

You can choose a 120 or 240 Litre bin for household garbage.

Visit Services Near Me  to search for your property's waste and recycling collection dates.

Items that CAN be placed in your garbage bin for disposal

If items can’t be reused, recycled or composted, please place them in your garbage bin.

Items that CAN'T be placed in your garbage bin for disposal

hot ashes  
any other liquids  
unwrapped vacuum dust  
timber and other building materials  

Please note:

  • no extra bags or items left beside the bin will be collected
  • don't overfill the bin and keep the lid closed as this can lead to litter on our streets
  • bag your domestic garbage to prevent spillage during collection
  • maximum bin weight is 60 kg.

Bin placement and collection times

Bins should be placed out on the nature strip:

  • parallel to the kerb with the lid opening onto the road
  • away from overhead trees
  • away from power poles or street signs
  • away from parked cars
  • spaced at least 30 cm away from other bins.

Bins will be collected from the following times:

  • 4.30am weekdays on main roads and commercial shopping strips
  • 6am weekdays on residential streets

Council's Local Law, introduced in 2004, states:

  • bins must be placed on the nature strip or footpath in front of your property
  • garbage bins can be placed out at 3pm the day before collection and must be returned before midnight the day of collection
  • contents of your bin must not exceed 60kg.

The Local Law was introduced to maintain pedestrian and disabled access and community safety, particularly in parts of the city where the streets are narrow.

Need a new bin?

Complete the application form below and return to Council via post at PO Box 58, Malvern VIC 3144 or email

Waste-Collection-Services-Application-Form-2019-20.pdf(PDF, 63KB)  

Stolen or missing bins

 To arrange a replacement bin either:

  • complete the statutory declaration form below and return to Council's Service Centre OR

  • Complete the bin application form below and return to Council's Service Centre (please note, a $50 fee applies to this option)

Missing Bin Statutory Declaration(PDF, 29KB)

Waste-collection-services-application-form-2019-20.pdf(PDF, 63KB) 

Bin signage

Clear signage helps people to understand what goes in each bin. Collect bin stickers or posters from a Council Service Centre near you or contact us to request signage for your home or apartment.


Download garbage signage(PDF, 212KB)


Download recycling poster(PDF, 260KB)