Hard waste Collection Service

shows appropriate materials for each hard waste pile  

The City of Stonnington provides two hard waste collections per year, one in AUTUMN and one in SPRING. Council endeavour to recycle as many materials collected through the Hard Waste Collection Service.

Before you place your hard waste out for collection, please consider if any items are still in good, working condition and could be reused by others. There are a range of options for these types of items including Op shops, Freecycle, Ziilch and recycling groups through social media.

Find out your Hard Waste Collection dates

  • Search your address using Services Near Me.
  • Check for the brochure in your letterbox at least 2 weekends prior to collection
  • Contact Council on 8290 1333

Place hard waste for collection on the nature strip directly outside your property no earlier than the weekend prior to your property’s collection date.

Items that CAN be placed out for collection

Place your items in four separate piles for ease of collection.


 Please be aware:

  • all items are to be placed in four separate piles for ease of collection
  • all items must be able to be lifted by two people
  • all items MUST NOT be longer than 1.5 m (5ft) in length with the exception of mattresses
  • a limit of 5 cubic metres of total waste will be collected.

Important information:

  • Materials must not be placed out for collection any earlier than the weekend prior to your collection date.
  • Any waste placed out late will NOT be collected and removal from the nature strip will be the responsibility of the resident to avoid fines. 
  • Keep the footpath clear of waste, leave access for wheelchairs and prams etc.
  • Avoid parking cars in front of waste on the collection day.
  • To maximise recycling opportunities, your items will be removed by more than one vehicle during your collection day.
  • It is an offence to interfere with Council’s collection of Hard Waste. All materials placed out are intended for Council’s authorised collectors.

Items that CANNOT be placed out for collection

  • NO renovation or building materials
  • NO gas bottles
  • NO passenger car, 4WD or truck tyres
  • NO household garbage or recyclables
  • NO car bodies or engine blocks
  • NO hazardous materials or asbestos
  • NO motor oil, liquid waste or pesticides
  • NO chemicals, pharmaceuticals or paint
  • NO batteries (household batteries can be disposed of at Stonnington's libraries, service centres, aquatic centres and Waste Transfer Station).

Visit Planet Ark’s Recycling Near You or call 1300 733 712 for appropriate disposal methods for these items.   

Stonnington Waste Transfer Station

Many items can also be taken to our Waste Transfer Station for recycling or disposal throughout the whole year. For more information, including relevant fees and charges, visit the Waste Transfer Station webpage or contact Council on 8290 1333.