Aussie Backyard Bird Count

Published on 08 October 2020

Aussie Backyard Bird Count

The City of Stonnington invites you to celebrate National Bird Week by partaking in the 2020 Aussie Backyard Bird Count running 19-25 October.


Common backyard bird species give us the best indication of the health of our natural environment. Think of birds as a barometer for nature. 


Join in this October as people count how many birds they see within 20-minutes while in their backyard or local park. This is completed every year and provides a regular snapshot, allowing us to look at trends in bird communities, and enabling you to make an important contribution to citizen science from your own home. 


Especially important in 2020, the bird count is a fun, safe activity that can be enjoyed no matter the COVID-19 situation in your area. Counting birds and spending time observing nature has been proven to provide benefits to mental health and well-being. 


All it takes is 20 minutes in your backyard, local park, or favourite outdoor space, anywhere you can count birds. 


Register now to be part of the nation’s largest annual citizen science event. To find out more, visit


The Aussie Backyard Bird Count is a great all-ages event. If you have a school or community group that you think might like to be involved, there are lesson plans and promotional materials available on the website at


Image credit: Matthew Mallett - Eastern Spinebill


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