Commitment to accessibility brings benefits to all

Published on 23 July 2020

Accessible park - Cr Atwell

An important focus for the City of Stonnington draft Budget for 2020–2021 is to build on Council’s achievements in making open spaces and playgrounds as modern and accessible as possible.

These investments ensure families of all ages and abilities have equal access to the benefits of exercise and a sense of community.

East Ward Councillor Glen Atwell said he was delighted Council’s commitment to equitable access to leisure and recreation continued in the Budget.

"During this unprecedented period of lockdown and travel restrictions, our local playgrounds and parks have never been more important – for kids, families and carers," he said.

"Exercising the body and mind is one of the best things we can do to cope during times of difficulty. I am proud to be part of a Council committed to investing in our playgrounds, and we are seeing a new and modern mix of equipment being installed that is both delighting and challenging our young ones.

"This ensures the simple delights of playtime are afforded to kids, but just as importantly to parents and carers. A standalone, accessible playground for Central Park in Malvern East, which is funded in this year’s proposed Budget, is a sign of that commitment.

"We have limited open space in Stonnington, so it is important we make every square metre of it count for the benefit of the entire community."


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