Discover and explore our ‘hidden garden’

Published on 22 July 2020

Hedgeley Dene Gardens waterfall

During the COVID-19 lockdown, many Stonnington residents have been rediscovering their local parks, while others have been experiencing them for the first time.

One example is the historic Hedgeley Dene Gardens in Malvern East, which East Ward Councillor Sally Davis has always dubbed ‘the hidden garden’.

"These magnificent gardens consist of 8.5 acres amidst a heritage protected, residential area," Cr Davis said.

"It was wonderful foresight that Malvern Council bought the land in 1911 – but it was used as a quarry, then it became a rubbish tip!"

Fortunately, in 1924, the Hedgeley Dene Gardens were designed and developed – trees were planted, lawn was sewn and an ornamental pond was created.

"My favourite spot has always been the waterfall," Cr Davis said. "Unfortunately, during the drought of 2002, it was turned off permanently because it used potable tap water."

In 2016, several residents lamented to Cr Davis the waterfall remained silent. The following year, Council officers reinstated it through a reticulation system, using the onsite water bore.

"Research reveals the sound of waterfalls helps people relax during times of stress," Cr Davis said. "This waterfall is such a soothing sound in a truly beautiful setting."


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