Mayor and CEO praise community response to COVID-19

Published on 15 May 2020


City of Stonnington Mayor, Cr Steve Stefanopoulos and Chief Executive Officer Jacqui Weatherill have outlined plans for Council's road to recovery, calling on the community to 'go local'.

Cr Stefanopoulos said residents and businesses alike had answered the call to stay at home, and he was especially proud of the way people looked out for our elderly and most vulnerable citizens.

"By staying apart, we have stuck together. Never before has 'community' been such a powerful force," he said.

"Now it’s time to turn that same spirit to the recovery of our business community, which is the lifeblood of Stonnington."

CEO Jacqui Weatherill acknowledged the efforts of Council’s frontline staff, who continued to deliver essential services throughout the lock-down, such as waste collection, street cleaning, maintenance, and maternal, child and aged care.

Ms Weatherill said the Stonnington team had moved early to implement a Business Continuity Plan that ensured Council staff remained safe, including shutting Council offices and setting up staff to work from home throughout the lock-down.

She said Council continued to deliver its multi-million dollar business support package and ensure the community had the most up-to-date information on services and support.

"We now find ourselves entering the recovery phase a little sooner than first thought, which is a credit to the community’s response. This sets us up for a strong rebound.

"We have been focusing on what this recovery will look like and how to bring Council services back as soon as possible.

"We want to reopen for business as soon as it is responsible to do so, to get our shopping precincts, libraries and leisure centres moving, and to kick-start our economy with projects that stimulate employment and set us up for the future," Ms Weatherill said.

Learn more about how Council is helping businesses navigate COVID-19.

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