Plant a tree or three this winter

Published on 22 July 2020

Tree planting

Stonnington's trees are one of our most significant community assets, providing environmental, social and economic benefits.

South Ward Councillor and keen gardener Councillor Judy Hindle said the City of Stonnington’s year-round planting program provides a long-term legacy, including cooling and shade, habitation for native species and a level of urban amenity for which Stonnington was famed.

"I am proud of the emphasis we have placed on preserving what we have, as well as continuing to add to our natural environment, even in our most built-up urban areas," Cr Hindle said.

"In the past year alone, the City of Stonnington has planted approximately 2200 trees in our streets, parks and reserves, 11,000 plants in our streetscape projects, 10,000 Indigenous plants in our parks and reserves, and 44,000 native plants and trees along the Yarra River, Scotchmans Creek and Gardiners Creek.

"As a Council, we are responsible for ensuring we continue to protect these valuable assets for generations to come. I am proud of the strong, united and practical way we have approached sustainable development in Stonnington."

Our annual tree planting program is being rolled out now to take advantage of the cooler months.

We will notify residents if a new tree is planted near them.

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