Reducing waste at home

Published on 18 May 2020

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As people spend more time at home, our waste trucks are getting more full.

You can help reduce what we send to landfill by placing items in the correct bin:

  • garbage bin (green lid): general rubbish, disposable nappies, polystyrene, broken glassware and ceramics and soft plastic packaging. (Soft plastics can also be recycled using dedicated bins at supermarkets).
  • recycling bin (blue lid): rigid plastic bottles and containers, paper, cardboard, glass, aluminium foil and cans, steel cans and aerosols.
  • food and green waste (burgundy lid): fruit and vegetable scraps, leftover foods, dairy, egg shells, lawn clippings, small branches, leaves and bark.

Help your recycling bin make it through the fortnight by folding down cardboard boxes, buying items without excess packaging and looking at opportunities to reuse items that may have gone into recycling.

Our bin collections are continuing as normal, just place your bins out on your usual day. Collections may take place at a different time of day so don’t be concerned if your bins are not collected as early as usual.

Find more information about waste and recycling.


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