Solar powered summer

Published on 18 October 2021

Rosie on her roof with solar panels

Rosie and her partner recently installed a 2.95kW solar panel system on their Prahran townhouse through Council’s energy advice program, a partnership with the Australian Energy Foundation.

Wanting to generate their own renewable energy and reduce electricity bills, they contacted the Australian Energy Foundation for a free chat.

“I think the knowledge gap can be a barrier for a lot of us, so getting trusted and independent advice made us feel better.”

Rosie and her partner went ahead with the decision to install solar panels and have never looked back.

Rosie didn't pay a cent for electricity last summer, instead, they generated all the power needed for the summer quarter with their solar. By sharing the positive benefits of installing solar with their family, Rosie’s aunt and parents have installed solar panels on their homes too!

Join the thousands of Stonnington homes saving with solar. Speak to the Australian Energy Foundation today.