Delivered meals

If you have difficulty preparing your own meals due to disability, frailty, illness or injury, this convenient service will deliver delicious meals to your home. You can choose the days for delivery and the exact courses to meet your nutritional needs.

To find out how to apply for this service, visit Accessing services.


Our menu contains daily options along with information about ordering, storing and preparing your meals.

Food items can be ordered individually from our seasonal menu, or as part of a package (refer to Fees).

We will provide an updated menu soon.

Dietary needs

We can cater to your special dietary needs and personal preferences.

Vegetarian, gluten free and ready-to-cook meal options are provided in all our menus.

Low salt, diabetic friendly and texture modified meals can also be provided on request.


Meal options

Item  3 Courses (Soup, Main, Vegetable, Dessert, Juice) Soup Main Sandwich  Salad Dessert Juice 
Cost (GST exempt) $10.60  $3.55 $6.70 $5.65  $6.85 $2.75 $0.80