Support at home

We provide support services in your home to help you maintain your health, safety and quality of life.

Our skilled and experienced staff will support you according to the care plan we'll develop with you upon approval for our services.

To find out how to apply for services, visit Accessing services.


Home care

Our goal is to support you to keep your home safe, healthy and hygienic.

We can help with:

  • maintaining household hygiene
  • washing and hanging out laundry
  • bed making
  • shopping from a list.

Personal care

Some tasks may be difficult or unsafe for you to do yourself due to injury, illness, disability or frailty.

We can help with:

  • showering or bathing
  • dressing
  • grooming, tasks including hair care and shaving
  • toileting
  • eating, drinking and heating prepared meals
  • hearing aids and communication devices
  • prompting and monitoring self-medication
  • shopping.

We do not assist with surgical or nursing duties such as wound dressing or dispensing medication.

Respite care

Our respite care provides carers with short-term breaks from their responsibilities. We offer regular respite and occasional respite at home or in the community, through indoor and outdoor activities.

Home maintenance

We can help with small repairs and modifications to make your home safe.

We can install, replace and repair:

  • handrails, ramps and other safety aids
  • smoke alarms (including battery changes)
  • light bulbs
  • tap washers and other small fixtures
  • locks.

We cannot help with:

  • major building improvements
  • regular, routine tasks (such as gardening)
  • electrical or plumbing work.

Spring cleaning

Twice a year, you can book a two hour visit for larger cleaning jobs not covered by our regular home care service.

We can clean:

  • windows
  • ovens
  • high areas (such as cupboards).

Gardening and gutter cleaning

Garden and gutter clean-ups can be scheduled once per year.

We can help:

  • trim and prune plants
  • clear weeds
  • mow lawns (limited)
  • install raised garden beds
  • place hard rubbish items on nature strips.


Care services

Service type (per hour) Low income (GST exempt) Medium income (GST exempt) High income (GST exempt)
Home care

Single $6.40

Couple $8.40

$20.20 $43.60
Personal care

Single $6.40

Couple $8.40

$20.20 $43.60
Respite care

Single $6.40

Couple $8.40

$20.20 $43.60
Home Maintenance $13.50 $22 $54.80
Gardening and Guttering $13.50 $22 $54.80 
 Delivered meal 3 courses (soup, main, dessert, juice) $10.60  $10.60  $10.60 

Community support services

Low income and medium income (GST exempt)

  • Social support: rates vary depending on activity program
  • Community transport: (single trip) voluntary $1.80 contribution.

Income level

Income Level Single  Couple
Low Less than $37,405 Less than $57,268
Medium $37,405 to $82,225 $57,268 to $109,922
High Greater than $82,225 Greater than $109,922