Electric Vehicle charging for providers

The City of Stonnington is encouraging the uptake of electric vehicles by trialling kerbside electric vehicle chargers in residential areas and near parks. We are particularly interested in supporting residents with no access to off-street parking and those in strata-managed buildings where installing chargers is difficult.

Expressions of interest invited

Expressions of interest (EOIs) are invited from providers of kerbside electric vehicle chargers to trial chargers in the City of Stonnington (at no cost to the City).

EOIs are invited using the form below for streets and locations highlighted on the Priority locations map(PDF, 4MB).

All submissions will be considered by our Transport Planning team who will contact you to advise next steps. The next steps will include, and be subject to, further engagement with the community on the identified locations.

For any questions or more information on the EOI process please email transportplanning@stonnington.vic.gov.au

Expression of interest requirements

When completing an expression of interest, providers must address the below criteria/meet the following requirements:

  • Providers must manage end-to-end any engagement with DNSPs on the planning and installation process including Facilities Access Agreement and any relevant costs.
  • Providers must undertake their own investigation on the suitability of power poles for chargers and demonstrate this in the EOI.
  • Chargers must:
    • comply with all Australians Standards and regulations
    • be made from materials durable enough to be in the public domain
    • be usable only by authorised users.
  • Chargers must be powered by renewable energy.
  • Installation must include smart chargers that are OCPP compliant and can respond to DNSP load management requirements.
  • Chargers must be located adjacent to an existing parking space that is not:
    • within 10 metres of an intersection, unless parking restriction signs permit
    • a Loading Zone, Bus Zone, Taxi Zone
    • within one metre of a fire hydrant or mail zone
    • on a bike path (temporary of permanent) or in a laneway
    • paid parking zones (paid parking has associated time and paid restrictions applied together like 1P, 2P).

    Providers must note that changes to parking restrictions are not guaranteed, and permit zones will not be amended. Where possible, chargers should be proposed in locations where no change to parking restrictions is required.

  • Chargers must:
    • be an area that is well lit at night and can be easily seen when in use
    • be pole-mounted or located immediately within 1m of a power pole
    • be location 100mm from the back of kerb
    • be located so that a minimum unobstructed footpath width of 1.2 metres is maintained
    • not impede stormwater flow or drainage
    • not damage any tree roots.
  • All power pole chargers must be located on a street, or adjacent street, to those outlined in the Priority locations map(PDF, 4MB) .
    These locations have been developed through consultation with the community and verified against priority locations determined through the Electric Vehicle Charging Plan(PDF, 5MB). Several pole options in a street can be identified of which more than one may be successful, if required.
  • Charging must be on a paid for basis (as per the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Policy) and chargers must be able to take payment.
  • Outline any income that will be provided to City of Stonnington.
  • Providers must:
    • provide evidence of public liability insurance (no less than $20 million)
    • have a website showing the locations of chargers and how to use them
    • give customers 24/7 access to vehicles and 24/7 customer support
    • have procedures for regular cleaning and maintenance to a high standard.

Any areas of non-compliance with the above must be outlined and justified in the EOI.

Kerbside electric vehicle charger trial

This trial will operate for an initial 12 months with a review period beginning after six months.

At the conclusion of the trial the outcomes of the review will determine which of the trial chargers can remain in place, if any, and next steps in terms of a procurement process for expansion. 

Before applying, please review the City's Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Policy(PDF, 368KB)

Document list

For ease of access, see below all documents required to assist with your EOI application.

Apply online

You can submit your application to install a charge point within the City of Stonnington online.

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