Apply for a Resident Parking Permit

If you live in the City of Stonnington, you may be eligible for on-street resident parking permits for cars and motorcycles. You can use these permits yourself or for visitors to your home.

Key information

If you already have a permit that is due to expire, you can renew a Resident Parking Permit.

How to apply

Check your eligibility

Use our online interactive map to check:

  • your eligibility for permits
  • how many you can have
  • where your permit boundaries are.

Check your eligibility

Read the terms and conditions

Please read the terms and conditions.

Applying means you accept these conditions and creates a legally binding agreement between you and the City of Stonnington.

Prepare your application

You will need to provide the following information in your application.

Proof you live in the City of Stonnington

If you are the property owner and currently reside at the property, we will verify this with our records. If we're unable to confirm proof of residency, we may ask for documentation to support your application.

If you rent, you must provide a document that includes your name and permit address. This may include:

  • current signed lease
  • bond receipt dated within the last three months
  • utility invoice issued in the last three months
  • current Healthcare, Pension or Department of Veterans’ Affairs card
  • statutory declaration from the property owner confirming you are residing at the property.

Proof you own or drive the vehicle

If you are applying for a Vehicle Specific Permit, you will also need to provide a document to confirm you own or drive the vehicle. You will need to provide a document for each Vehicle Specific Permit you are applying for. The document must include your name and vehicle registration number. This may include:

  • vehicle registration certificate
  • signed vehicle transfer document
  • contract of sale
  • current insurance document that lists you as a driver or the property as the garaged address.

Submit your application

You can submit your application online.

Apply online

If you're unable to apply online, complete the resident parking permit application form(PDF, 165KB) and submit it:

  • In person: bring your application and required documents to one of our service centres. If payment is required, you can pay the fee on the day.
  • By post: send your application and required documents to:

City of Stonnington
GPO Box 3095
Melbourne VIC 3001

If applying by post and payment is required, you can send a cheque with your application. Alternatively, send your completed application form without a cheque and a Customer Service team member will contact you to process payment over the phone.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The amount of permits you can have depends on your property. To check how many you are eligible for, search for your address on our interactive map below or call our Customer Service team on 03 8290 1333.

Check how many permits you can have

Vehicle Specific Permit

A Vehicle Specific Permit is linked to the registration of a specific vehicle, with the registration number displayed on the permit itself. When applying for a Vehicle Specific Permit, you must provide proof that you own the vehicle or are the main driver.

Variable Permit

A Variable Permit does not contain any specific vehicle details. It can be used on a car or motorcycle that is parked near the property it's issued to in order to access that property. It cannot be used on commercial vehicles or for tradespeople.

More information

For more information, call 03 290 1333 or visit one of our Customer Service centres.

If the registration for the car on your Vehicle Specific Permit changes, you'll need to let us know.

You'll also need to provide a supporting document that links the new vehicle registration to your name. Both your name and the registration number must be visible on the document.

If the vehicle is registered in your name, please provide one of the following:

  • VicRoads or other state/territory road authority registration certificate
  • signed vehicle transfer document
  • contract of sale document
  • current insurance document.

If you are the primary driver but the vehicle is not registered in your name, please provide:

Current insurance document that lists your name as a driver.

If the vehicle is registered in a company name, please provide the following.

  • One of the above documents.
  • A signed letter from the company on an official letterhead. The letter must state that you are the primary driver of the vehicle and that it is garaged at the address on your permit.

Please send a copy of this document to or in person at one of our Customer Service centres.

We will then issue you a new permit to attach to your vehicle.

No. For the first two free permits, you can have either:

  • two Vehicle Specific permits
  • one Vehicle Specific Permit and one Variable Permit.

Resident Parking Permits are only for people who live in the City of Stonnington to access their homes. There are a range of other permits available for different uses:

It is important you only use your Resident Parking Permit as outlined in the terms and conditions.

It is your responsibility to understand and follow the full terms and conditions.

When using your permit, make sure that:

  • the vehicle is parked within the permit boundary area, as close to your property as possible
  • people using the vehicle are living at or visiting the residence the permit is issued to
  • the permit is clearly displayed, either as a sticker on the bottom-left of the windscreen for Vehicle Specific Permits, or hanging on the rearview mirror for Variable Permits.

You cannot use resident parking permits for:

  • any business or commercial use
  • parking close to shops, public transport or any other residence, even if it's within your permit boundary area
  • parking around commercial buildings and shops
  • commercial vehicles made to carry loads over 1,200kg
  • unregistered vehicles
  • prime movers, trailers, boats or caravans
  • certain streets and areas, including:
    • primary or main roads (unless otherwise signed)
    • off-street car parks
    • ticketed parking areas
    • parking zones of 30 minutes or less
    • Clearways, No Stopping, Loading Zones, Truck Zones and where parking is signed as prohibited.

If your permit is damaged, faded or hard to read in any way, it could be invalid and must be replaced. Please return the old permit to us, and we will issue you a new one. You can do this in person at a Customer Service Centre, or via mail to:

City of Stonnington
PO Box 58
Malvern VIC 3144

What you need to do if you lose a permit depends on whether it was a Vehicle Specific or Variable Permit.

If you lose your Vehicle Specific Permit, let us know at or on 03 8290 1333.

We will then cancel it and mail you a new one.

To replace a Variable Permit, the permit holder must fill out a statutory declaration claiming it is lost to help prevent permit misuse. For more information and to download a statutory declaration template, visit the Justice and Community Safety website.

Email or mail this form to Council, pay the lost Variable Permit fee ($112 pro-rata), and we will mail you a new Variable Permit.