Resident parking permits

If you live in the City of Stonnington, you may be eligible for resident parking permits for you and people who visit your home.

Please note: Resident parking permits are only available to residents whose primary place of residence is within the City of Stonnington.

Important information about parking permit eligibility 

On 19 March 2007, Council resolved that:

A property is ineligible for a resident parking permit when:

  • construction of the property started on or after 19 March 2007, and
  • the number of dwellings as a result of the development was increased by more than one.

This restriction was introduced to encourage developers to provide sufficient onsite parking to cater for the parking demands of the development, to reduce demand on on-street parking.

If you're unsure about your eligibility for a resident parking permit please call 8290 1333 or visit one of our Customer Service centres

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Your parking permit questions answered

Who is eligible for a resident parking permit

A resident parking permit is available to residents whose primary place of residence is within Stonnington and who live at the property to which the permit is issued.

If you own a property in the City of Stonnington and it is not your primary place of residence, you are not eligible for a resident parking permit for that property.

When is a resident parking permit valid or not valid?

Permit is valid 

A resident parking permit is valid when:

  • the vehicle displaying the permit is parked as close as possible to the residence to which it was issued,
  • those in the vehicle live at or are visiting the residence to which the permit was issued,
  • the vehicle displaying the permit is parked within the boundary road area.

Details of the boundary road area are provided with the permit documentation.

Permit is not valid

  1. Resident parking permits do not apply at any time to:
  • primary or main roads (unless otherwise signed)
  • off street car parks
  • ticket parking areas
  • parking zones of 30 minutes or less
  • Clearways, No Stopping, Loading Zones, Truck Zones and where parking is signed as prohibited.
  • streets outside or adjacent to non-residential and commercial premises. This applies to any point at the front, back or sides of the building. The ground floor purpose of the building determines its commercial status (for example, if there are residential properties on the ground floor, it's a residential building; if the ground floor is a shop, it’s a commercial building).

2.     Permits may not be used for business or commercial purposes at any time. 

3.     Please note parking permits are not available for:

  • commercial vehicles or vehicles constructed principally for carrying loads/goods over 1200kg
  • prime movers, trailers, boats or caravans
  • unregistered vehicles.



How many permits can I have?

Every rateable residential property within Stonnington can have up to two residential parking permits free of charge (except where Town Planning or Council resolution restrictions apply). 

The two free permits can be:

  • two Vehicle Specific permits, or
  • one Vehicle Specific and one Variable (visitor) permit.

What is the difference between a Vehicle Specific permit and Variable permit?

There are two types of resident parking permits available in Stonnington - a Vehicle Specific permit and a Variable permit.

Vehicle Specific permit

A Vehicle Specific permit is valid for a specified vehicle only, with the registration number of the vehicle noted on the permit. When applying for a Vehicle Specific permit you must provide proof the vehicle is linked to the property address the permit is being applied for (e.g. vehicle registration or insurance renewal details including the address).

A maximum of two free Vehicle Specific permits can be issued to a residential property address (unless the property is ineligible under a Town Planning or Council resolution).

Variable permit

A Variable permit does not contain any specific vehicle details and can be used on any vehicle parked in close proximity to the address the permit was issued to.

One free Variable permit can be issued to a residential property address.

In some instances, additional Variable permits may be allowed (fees apply).

For more information call 8290 1333 or visit one of our customer service centres.

Can I apply for extra permits?

In some cases you can, but the number and cost depends on the residential permit area.

For more information call 8290 1333 or visit one of our customer service centres.

Where do I display the permit?

A resident parking permit must be displayed in accordance with the Parking Permit conditions. Please read the conditions to ensure the permit is displayed correctly at all times.

A parking fine may be issued if the permit is not displayed correctly in a vehicle, or it is not legible to a person standing outside the vehicle.

What are visitor and tradesperson permits?

Visitor Permits

Residents can apply for Visitor Permits for guests at one-off gatherings (normally limited to 3–5 permits depending on the permit area) or short stays of up to one month only at the resident's home. These permits may also be obtained when residents have the use of an alternative vehicle for a short period of time (usually a few days). Visitor permits can be purchased from Council. Where the applicant does not currently hold any resident parking permits at the address, proof of residency will be required. Visitor Permits allow parking in residential streets when used in accordance with the permit conditions. Permits must be displayed in the same way as Variable Permits.

For information about Visitor permits call the Customer Services team on 8290 1333.

Tradesperson Permits

Residents can purchase permits to be used by a tradesperson employed by the resident to complete minor works at the property. These permits may be used for commercial vehicles. The permit must be purchased before works commence. Permits must be displayed in the same way as Variable Permits.

For more information visit the Tradesperson Parking Permits page.

How do I transfer my specific permit to another vehicle or update my registration details?

When a vehicle or registration number is changed or replaced,  submit proof of ownership or appropriate documentation (current permit holder's name must be included on the new registration details) to or in person at our service centres. With specific permits, there is no need to return the old permit to us. Once the permit has been changed over we will advise that the old permit is no longer valid.


How do I report an illegally parked vehicle?

Please call the Stonnington Parking Alliance at 9058 6600.


Resident parking permit conditions

Please note: the information on this page does not provide all permit conditions of use. 

Full conditions of use for residential parking permits are provided with the permit. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to be familiar with, and to make sure that their visitors are aware of, the permit conditions and adhere to them at all times. 

Where permits are used contrary to the permit conditions a parking infringement may be issued and the permit cancelled. Continued misuse of a parking permit may also result in all permit privileges for a residence being revoked.

Please note: an infringement issued due to lack of knowledge or understanding of the permit conditions may not be waived.

Read the full Resident Parking Permit Conditions