Towing and Clearways

 Your vehicle may be towed  by Council if it is parked illegally and causing an obstruction.  A fee will apply to release your vehicle.

If your vehicle is parked in a Clearway it will be towed by VicRoads.  In addition to the release fee, your vehicle may also receive a parking infringement notice.

Towed vehicles are taken to the Nationwide Towing City Pound located at 34 Cromwell Street, Collingwood VIC 3006.

To check whether your vehicle has been towed or for further information visit the Nationwide Towing website or call 134 869.

Changes to clearways and tow-away zones

The Victorian Government is introducing changes to clearways to keep traffic flowing smoothly on Melbourne’s busy roads.

Clearways and tow-away zones help keep traffic flowing and reduce congestion by making sure there are no parked cars blocking roads during peak times.

In early-November 2020, clearway signs will be updated to include a tow-away status between Punt Road and the Monash Freeway on Toorak Road.  This will help to create consistency across the length of Toorak Road and reduce confusion for local drivers and visitors to the area.

From 1 December 2020, all existing clearways within 20 kilometres of Melbourne’s CBD will become tow-away zones.

While it is currently an offence to park in a clearway during the restricted times, under the new rules drivers parked illegally will receive a fine and have their vehicle towed.  An additional vehicle release fee will apply once the tow-away zones are in place.

For more information visit the Clearway and Tow-away zones page of the VicRoads website.