Register your pet

By law, you must register your cat or dog with your Council when it is over three months of age.

If you have already registered your pet in Stonnington, you will need to renew your registration by 10 April each year.

How to register

Prepare your documents

You will need to provide a copy of the following documents:

  • proof of microchipping
  • proof of desexing (if registering a cat, unless it is exempt)
  • other documents you may need if applying for a reduced fee.

Register and pay

You can register your pet online.

Before submitting your registration, you will need to complete an online questionnaire. You will be asked to enter your pet’s details so we can calculate your registration fee.

Once your registration fee is calculated, you will be directed to our online registration form. Make sure you have a credit or debit card to pay the fee.

Register online

If you're unable to register online, complete the animal registration form(PDF, 359KB)  and bring it to one of our service centres to pay in person.

Receive your pet tag

Once your pet is registered, you will receive a Council-issued tag. If registering online, you will receive the tag via post. If registering at one of our service centres, you will receive the tag in person.

Renew your registration every year

Once your pet is registered with us, you will need to renew your registration by 10 April each year.